Ultimate Wrestling Strength

To All Serious Wrestlers, Coaches and MMA Athletes:

Discover How To Develop Brute Strength And Blazing-Fast Mat Speed While Increasing Your Endurance To Destroy Your Wrestling Opponents!

… and once you begin training like a champion wrestler you will begin to dominate your competition and never get 'gassed' in the third period again!

By Steve Preston MSed,
Sports Performance Specialist


To All Serious Wrestlers, Coaches and MMA Athletes,

Are you frustrated because you've lost wrestling matches that you know you should've won?

Have you ever been out-muscled by a wrestling opponent and felt the embarrassment of being thrown around the mat like a rag doll?

Do you wish you could get your stamina up so that you no longer 'get gassed' late in the match?

I'm sure you've been searching for a program that can help you become the best wrestler or MMA athlete you can be...

But there's so much crap out there! Training to be a champion wrestler isn't about going for long jogs. You can't follow some bodybuilding program and get results that will carry over to the wrestling mat either... and don't even think about using the football team's program. It won't work!

Keep reading this page and I will reveal a program that can help any wrestler or MMA athlete develop into a champion... in less time than any program you've tried before!


Most Strength And Conditioning Programs Used By Wrestlers Are Completely Ineffective!

I created this website to show you how you can make incredible strength and conditioning gains to transform youself into a wrestling or grappling machine...

Most training programs that wrestlers use are handed down from generation to generation. Because of this many wrestlers and programs follow training programs that get you tired, and feeling like you've been through a war, but they never help you when you are exhausted in the third period and can't finish strong. This is because they don't help a wrestler get into 'anaerobic condition.'

Another problem with most training programs for wrestlers is that they are programs from the football team or some bodybuilding magazine. Again, wrestlers have to be trained differently from any other athletes if you want to dominate on the wrestling mat. Most wrestling programs don't have the 'wrestling-specific' exercises to create 'functional wrestling strength' on the mat.

Probably the biggest problem I see with traditional 'wrestling training programs' is that everyone trains the same way... The High School program 'borrows' a training program from a college wrestling program and that's how the high school guys train. The Middle School Program then tries to follow the same program as the high school too. BIG PROBLEM!


Youth Wrestlers, High School Wrestlers, College Wrestlers And MMA Athletes Must All Train Differently From Each Other In Order To Get The Best Results On The Mat Or In The Cage!

This is why the wrestlers who follow my training programs have been getting outstanding mat results for years... and why they keep coming back for more. When you learn what exercises you should do, how much of each to do, and when to do it, it becomes a simple process to develop wrestlers from the youth through college level into champions. Plus, you can stay in top condition year-round like an MMA fighter when you learn how to do it right. It all has to do with giving your body the right amount of training at the right time, and then using proper rest and recovery methods.

Steve, your program is great. My wrestlers have been using it for 10 months now and they are stronger than ever. My kids have made great improvements since they started 10 months ago. I have 1 kid who was only maxing 115 and now he's at 185. Another kid has gone from 135 to 210. That's just 2 examples out of the 10 I had with me for the 10 months. They are stronger, leaner and I hope when the season starts they will be meaner. Buying your program was one of the best things I've done. Also the articles you write for Wrestling USA magazine are great. The article about negative only lifting was amazing. It helped the kids overcome that plateau that they hit. I can't thank you enough.

Joe Lewis
Union Hill High School

Let me take a brief second to introduce myself. My name is Steve Preston. I'm a 25 year veteran to the strength and conditioning game. I've been a Physical Education Teacher and Sports Performance Specialist for over 15 years. I've been training wrestlers exclusively for the last 5 years and constantly seek new and better ways to help wrestlers of any age develop into champions. My programs also work for the post-college, MMA enthusiasts who want to get into the best condition of their lives.

Most Wrestlers Will Win Twice As Many Matches Within 2 Months When They Follow The Right Program At The Right Time!

I get asked all the time how to train to be the best wrestler and how to increase strength and conditioning levels in wrestlers and grapplers.

That's why I recently put together a program to help wrestlers, coaches, and MMA athletes make sense out of it. I wanted to have an all-in-one training 'blue-print' that would take the level of strength and conditioning in wrestlers to new levels.

Steve, without a doubt you have helped fine tune my skills. I'm one of Team NJ's National Coaches on our way out to Fargo. In life, I'm a real trainer, my primary client is Kelly Ripa of Rigis and Kelly. I have used your Tips in Clinics and reshaped my Wrestlers Physiques and thinking like you would not believe. Job well done!

Keith Byard
USMC All- Marine Wrestling Team 81,85l

Introducing 'The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning' Program – A Complete Strength And Conditioning Guide For Wrestlers and MMA Athletes!

Think about how embarrassing it is to get beat or worse yet... pinned, because you weren't in good enough condition. Can you remember a match when your opponent felt stronger than you and shot effortlessly on you, or tied up with you and then hip tossed you? It sucks, doesn't it? The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Program will help you develop wrestlers at any age to become diesel-strong, and fiercely conditioned! In it you'll learn:

  • How To Peak For Wrestling And Keep It All Season!
  • The Pretest Method of determing what your wrestler needs to train!
  • How To Train Youth Wrestlers... And Why It's So Important To Get It Right!
  • Why High School Wrestlers Need To Have Their Own Training System That Is Different Than Any Other High School Athletes!
  • Why Jogging Is Hurting Your Wrestling Perforance... And What You Can Do About It!
  • How To Keep Strong During The Inseason!
  • How To Develop Faster Takedowns!
  • The Truth About Increasing Your Speed On The Wrestling Mat!
  • The 4 Phase Training System To Prepare For Your Next Season!
  • 2 Intensity Techniques Every High School Wrestler Should Be Using In Their Training!
  • How To Prevent Overtraining With My 'Rotation for Recuperation' System!
  • 2 Shoulder Exercises You Must Do As A Wrestler To Pin More Opponents!
  • Why Wrestlers Should Train As If They Were 'Rear Wheel Drive Muscle Cars' For Best Results!
  • How To Train During The Preseason So You Are Strong And Conditioned On The First Day Of Practice!
  • A High Intensity Training Program Designed For Wrestlers That Will Get You Strong As A Bull In Only 4 Weeks!
  • How To Warmup For Practice Without Making Your 'Muscles Slow and Sleepy!'
  • Training Tactics For Wrestlers To Prevent Injuries!
  • Pictures Of Each Exercise So You Know Exactly What To Do... And You Can Get Started Today!
  • … And So Much More!!

This easy-to-read training manual is designed so that you can train on your own or with your team. There's even substitute exercises if you don't have access to all of the equipment.

“Steve, This Sounds Great... How Much?”

Let me start by telling you what you'll receive when you order this package today...

The Ultimate Wrestling Strength And Conditioning Program!

Item 1: The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual
– $97 value

The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual

In this manual you will get a complete training blueprint to increase the strength, speed and conditioning levels in any aged wrestler or grappler. You'll learn what program to follow and when. You'll discover what exercises work best and when to do them. You'll also learn the unique training techniques I use to get you even stronger and better conditioned than you thought possible.

Item 2: The Ultimate Wresting Nutrition Manual
- $29 value

The Ultimate Wrestling Nutrition Manual

Learn exactly how you should eat as a wrestler. Discover what foods work best and when to give your body consistent energy and strength. This manual is loaded with meal plans and recipes. Learn how to design your own perfect nutrition plan for any wrestler.

With the 2 manuals you are going to have everything you need to get started with your best wrestling or grappling ever.

If you act today, I'll give you the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: How To Cut Weight for Wrestling Teleclinic - ($39 value)

How to Cut Weight for Wrestling Teleclinic

I did a phone clinic with 14 people on my unique methods to help wrestlers cut weight without losing strength or energy. This successful tele-clinic was recorded and transcribed for you. You'll get the full manual transcription and access to the phone clinic that you can download as an mp3.



Bonus 2: 6 Minute Conditioning For Wrestlers Manual and Videos - ($39 value)
6 Minute Conditioning for Wrestlers Manual and Videos

This is the revolutionary bodyweight training program for wrestlers that gets you stronger, faster and better-conditioned at the same time! Join the hundreds of wrestlers and coaches world-wide that have used this unique program to see improvements in their wrestling almost immediately. The best part is that the program doesn't require any equipment and takes only 6 minutes per day! You'll have full access to the online videos of the program to see exactly how to do it too!


Bonus 3: 'How To Train Youth Wrestlers!: Interview with Brian Grasso - ($29 value)
'How to Train Youth Wrestlers!: Interview with Brian Grasso MP3 Download and PDF Transcript

I had the opportunity to interview Brian Grasso, the President of the International Youth Conditioning Association. Brian is the Master when it comes to training youth athletes. Listen as he shares his tips, tactics and strategies to develop outstanding young wrestlers. You get both the mp3 download and the transcription of the interview!

Bonus 4: 'How To Train Champion High School Wrestlers!: Interview with Jeff Buxton - ($29 value)

'How to Train Champion High School Wrestlers!: Interview with Jeff Buxon MP3 Download and PDF Transcript

Jeff Buxton is the Head Wrestling Coach at the top-ranked Blaire Academy in New Jersey. Listen to Jeff as he describes how he trains his wrestlers for national dominance as well as what they do in practice each day. This is great information that any wrestler or coach can use!


Bonus 5: 'Insights From an Olympian!': Interview with Wrestling Legend Kerry McKoy – ($29 value)

'Insights From an Olympian!': Interview with Wrestling Legend Kerry McKoy MP3 Download and PDF Transcript


Listen to wrestling legend Kerry McKoy discuss how he went from starting wrestling in the 7th grade to becoming a United States Olympian, and then Head Wrestling Coach at Stanford University. Kerry describes a strength training program that you can use that has worked well with himself and his wrestlers.


Bonus 6: 'How To Train To Be A 9 Time World Champion!': Interview with UFC 9 Time World Champion Matt Hughes ($97 value)

'How To Train To Be A 9 Time World Champion!': Interview with UFC 9 Time World Champion Matt Hughes MP3 Download and PDF Transcript

I had the pleasure of interviewing the great Matt Hughes – college All American wrestler and multi-World Champion UFC athlete. Matt is a great guy, and gave up his entire strength training program for this interview. Learn how Matt prepares for his UFC fights and dominates his opponents through his wrestling abilities!


Ultimate Stair Exercises

Bonus 7: Ultimate Stair Exercises
- ($29 value)

Need to train for wrestling, but don't have any equipment? No problem... just use the stairs. This killer program will help you get into incredible condition for wrestling with nothing but a set of stairs. A MUST for any wrestling program!



New Bonus!

Plus, you now get a 3-Month Membership
to the Wrestling Performance Members-Only Forum and Site
(Value $60.00)

3-Month Membership to the Wrestling Performance

Have your #1 training and nutrition questions answered by Sports Performance Expert, Steve Preston. You'll also get access to hundreds of training programs, meal plans, interviews, as well as tips, tactics and strategies to transform your wrestling.


Recap of what you get if you order today:
The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual Retail Value $97
The Ultimate Wrestling Nutrition Manual Retail Value $29
6 Minute Conditioning for Wrestlers Manual and Videos Retail Value $39
Ultimate Stair Exercises Retail Value $29
How To Cut Weight for Wrestling Teleclinic Manual and mp3 Download Retail Value $39
How To Train Youth Wrestlers Interview with Brian Grasso Retail Value $29
How To Train Champion High School Wrestlers Interview with Jeff Buxton Retail Value $29
Insights of an Olympian Wrestler Interview with Kerry McKoy
Retail Value $29
How To Train To Be A 9 Time World Champion Interview with Matt Hughes Retail Value $97
3 Month FREE Trial Membership Offer to Wrestling Performance Retail Value $59.85
Total Package Value = $476.90


Today you can get the Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Program Plus ALL 8 BONUSES for the discounted price of only

NOT $97 $57

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Stop Using Ineffective Training Programs To Develop Wrestlers... Get The Cutting-Edge Systems To Tranform Your Wrestlers Into Champions!

How much would it be worth to know you will never get out-muscled or get pinned again because you were out of shape?

The training information in this manual is the result of years of trial and error... I want you to have it so you can learn the shortcuts to developing wrestling champions.

I don't even have time in my schedule to work one on one with athletes any more but if I did it would be $75 per hour.

If I were to personally work with you for 12 weeks it would cost $2700... and I don't even have time to train any more people one on one.

But I want wrestlers, grapplers, coaches and parents world-wide to have access to my programs so that wrestlers everywhere can benefit.

So I'm going to give you my complete A-Z training methods for wrestlers and grapplers for next to nothing... When you order the Ultimate Wrestling Strength And Conditioning Program today you'll get it for only $97... $57!

If you're serious about developing wrestling champions at all levels this program is a MUST!

You don't have to invest in this program. But if you don't... you'd better hope your competition doesn't either!!


Your information is detailed, professional and is backed by research and that arms me with credible knowledge. The guys I have been working with since subscribing have been impressed and motivated to learn more.

Jim Makovsky
Head Wrestling Coach
Minnesota State University, Mankato


I have been following your eating and training routines with my two boys (10yrs and 8yrs old) in 7 months of wrestling training and using your website for information my two boys have won the North Carolina state games, Virgina state games, and Nationals at the Beckley WVA this November the 22,23.

James Smith


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You've probably spent a lot more money on gym memberships, camps, t-shirts, and wrestling shoes in the past year than you would with my program.

Isn't $57 a measly drop-in-the-bucket compared to the feeling of standing on the Winners Podium with a medal around your neck?


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

I'm giving you this program at a steal because I don't have any printing costs as I would with videos, cd's and printed manuals. You get this program at a fraction of the price... and you get it immediately for download onto your computer!

Listen, I'm so confident that you will gain more wrestling strength, speed, power and endurance in the next 60 days, that I'll give you a full refund if you're not satisfied!

Order this program right now... and if you don't make more progress in the next 60 days then any program you've ever done, just email me and you'll get every penny back!


Order today and get the entire package valued at over $438 for only $97... $57! This is a one-time payment and you will never be billed again!

Join the hundreds of wrestlers world-wide you have finally been able to break out of their ruts and become champion wrestlers with the complete training system that you are about to have in your hands!

Remember, order right now and you can instantly download the program and have it in your hands in minutes... no waiting for shipping!

This risk-free introductory investment of $57 will be going up soon. Don't delay! Get the Ultimate Wrestling Strength And Conditioning Program plus the 8 Bonuses today through our secure servers below and gain the edge on your wrestling competition!


The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning ManualThe Ultimate Wrestling Nutrition Manual

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Yours in victory,

Steve Preston

Steve Preston
Sports Performance Specialist


PS: This is the program your competition doesn't want you to have... Get it before they do!

PPS: This program is guaranteed to make any wrestler stronger, faster and better conditioned for more wins or your money back. Develop brute strength, blazing fast speed, and everlasting mat endurance within 60 days or get your entire investment back!

YES, I Want To Gain The Edge On My Wrestling Competition With This Proven Program For Wrestlers Of Any Age!

Please Note: The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Program is a downloadable product. That means you get to download the entire product to your computer within minutes of purchase. This one of a kind program can only be found here!

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